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Your business is important and getting you where you want to be is a delicate, yet exciting process. Digital Marketing has become increasingly personalized to the consumer, so you need someone by your side with the experience to navigate through the process of identifying the right tactics to reach your desired audience. We’ll sit with you to establish a clear expectation of where you want your company to be – what is your goal? We have expertise working with companies of all sizes with a variety of needs and no goal is too large nor too small.

Now the fun part, how do we get you there? We gather information about your industry, conduct market research, and get to know your customer. From here, we will build a plan specific to your needs, utilizing a variety of tactics to get the job done. When done correctly, online advertising is an excellent and necessary means to increase engagement and lead generation for your business.

GF Media will identify and communicate clear campaign goals, strategize how to get there, execute the perfect process, and provide you with clear and concise reporting.

Digital Advertising

Which Advertising Tactic is Right For You?

Clearly identifying your goals is the first step in any successful marketing strategy. Each service helps you reach your consumers at different stages in their decision making process, so we recommend a healthy blend of tactics to capture potential consumers and increase your business’s overall conversions.

search engine marketing

Paid Search

Capture your ideal consumer while they are in the “buy-now” phase of the purchasing process. Paid Search results are shown on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) of popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These sponsored search results are listed based on keywords and phrases relevant to your business or a specific service you are targeting.

targeted display

Targeted Display

Reach your ideal consumer with highly targeted display advertisement tactics such Retargeting, Remarketing, Video Ads, and Paid Social Media. We place digital advertisements in front of an audience specific to your desired demographic while they browse websites on mobile and desktop platforms. We can target through Geo-Fencing (based on user location within a virtual fence), Site Retargeting (follows users that have visited your site), and Search Retargeting (based on prior keyword searches and categories relevant to your desired audience).

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Don’t lose the interest of your current customers! Keep them up to date with what you have to offer, any important news, or even to remind them to complete their intended transactions. We can help you grow your mailing list and manage your audience by automating emails, creating email surveys, designing engaging content, and creating landing pages for tracking purposes. 

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Based out of Fort Worth, TX, we provide digital marketing and online advertising solutions to help you reach all of you business goals. Developing, implementing, and executing a successful marketing strategy can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor, especially if your expertise is better suited elsewhere. Let the experts do what they do best!




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